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FLAND GRUPPE S.R.L. is a wholly owned private capital company whose core business covers the technical and commercial representation activities concerning information and documentation, technical support, running - / overseeing contracts execution, and technical service throughout Romania.

FLAND GRUPPE S.R.L. can provide you with the latest equipment and tools, together with optimal economical and technical solutions, in order to modernise industrial lines and processes.

Amongst the ranks of major partners of FLAND GRUPPE S.R.L. on the Romanian market there are well-known and well-established companies, such as the CONEL subsidiaries in Bacau, Suceava, Galati, Iasi and Pitesti, ROMGAZ, DISTRIGAZ NORD, DISTRIGAZ SUD, PETROBRAZI, ARPECHIM, OLTCHIM, RAFO Onesti, RADET Bucuresti, Romania's Water Utility Company (water supply and drainage) – its subsidiaries in Bucuresti, Buzau, Sighisoara and Brasov –, INDUSTRIALEXPORT, COCA-COLA, COLGATE-PALMOLIVE, SHELL GAS, PUROLITE, ROMAERO, B.R.M.L., LUXTEN, TUBORG, EFES BEER ROMANIA, HIDROSERV (Slatina, Bistrita, Hateg), DACIA RENAULT, CONTINENTAL Timisoara, PETROM O.M.V., UZTEL, COLTERM and many other customers.

FLAND GRUPPE S.R.L. can provide you with consulting service in selecting the optimum equipment to meet your actual application requirements. Our products distinguish themselves by their high reliability and the best quality-price ratio. FLAND GRUPPE S.R.L. can supply from its stock or on order different devices and equipment concerning the following fields:


For industrial applications:

Pressure gauges, concerning diverse applications, accuracy class between 1.6 and 0.6, and measuring range between -1 bar and 7.000 bar.
Cutting-edge transducers and transmitters, both from construction and data transmission stand point (unified / standard signal, HART protocol, PROFIBUS, etc.), with measured parameters displaying devices via local digital indicators.
Pressure control valves
Register equipment
Accessories: valves and slide gate valves, thermal siphon cooling systems, tap sets, etc..

For metrology laboratories:

Analogue and digital benchmark calibration pressure gauges
Dead weight testers
Pressure sources
Pressure calibrators (either fixed, or portable)


For industrial applications:

Bimetal – or dial capillary thermometers in different designs, adapted to all industrial applications, with – or without electrical contacts, accuracy class 2,1 or more advanced.
Infrared thermometers (radiation pyrometers) dedicated to high temperatures, provided that no direct contact measurement is possible.
Temperature transducers and transmitters.
Thermostat equipment for metrology laboratories

For metrology laboratories:

Analog and digital benchmark calibration thermometers
Temperature calibrators (either fixed, or portable)
Thermostatic baths

The models and versions on offer cover all the existant standard pressure and temperature ranges, differentiating themselves according to the actually application requirements, such as:

relative, absolute or differential pressures;
pressure values within 0 … 7000 bar range, or within the negative pressure range;
temperatures up to 1800 oC;

Diaphragm seals for measurement and control devices

In order to protect the devices in case of aggressive working medium (corrosive substances), non-homogenous medium (involving substances with particles or impurities that may obstruct the measurement element / sensor inlet), or viscous media (e.g., chocolate, fluid rubber, plastic mass, or any other substance whose particles may gather onto the measuring element / sensor, resulting in its obstruction), FLAND GRUPPE S.R.L. can deliver to you the appropriate solution, more precisely the whole range of DIAPHRAGM SEALS, either in standard or customised design.
Process indicators, with numerical display (with 3 ½ or 4 digits), or fluorescent displays fitted with unified standard input signal inlets (0 …20 mA, 4 … 20 mA, 0 … 10 V, etc.), as well as with inputs for signals coming from thermoresistances or thermocouples; there are also multiple outlets: terminal contacts for relays, analog outgoing signals (0 …20 mA, 4 … 20 mA, 0 … 10 V, etc.) and digital signal output (for the serial communication RS232 interface).


In the field of flow – and level measurements, FLAND GRUPPE S.R.L. can deliver to you a complete range of devices for measurement of all parameters involved in this area:

Variable area flowmeters
Electromagnetic flow meters
Ultrasonic flow meters
Vortex flow meters
Coriolis flow meters
Level transducers
Level indication and signalling devices

PROTECTION SYSTEMS AGAINST DEFLAGRATION AND EXPLOSIONS provided by the firm PROTEGO (Germany), comprising diversified design and construction solutions aimed at enhancing the safety within installations of high operation hazard, namely by using such devices as breathing valves, with – or without flame arrester. One can distinguish "on-line" flame arresters (mounted at intermediate installation points) and "end-of-line" flame arresters. In a nutshell, an overall safe and total protection solution through PROTEGO systems !

DIESEL ENGINES AND POWER GENERATORS, provided by HATZ company (Germany), made according to high quality standards, feature high efficiency, reliability, easy handling during operation and fit to comply to up-to-date environment protection rules.
In a nutshell, apparatus and devices for any application, that take into account every aspect, such as accuracy class, working area, operation mode and specific user requirements. Beside the price, which is the lowest when considering quality – reliability – performances, by acquiring such devices we can offer you some attractive payment facilities, such as phased payment, leasing or installments
Given the general orientation to the EU standards and Romania's legislation harmonisation according to these norms, we can provide our experience in the field and the complete range of apparatus and devices, that can help you considerably in the activity dedicated to measurement and calibration, providing high quality and reducing time and cost.